• AniseedPR logo is formed of 7 petals making up an anise flower.
  • Each petal contains a letter of the word aniseed, with the letters PR providing an anchor for the circular logo.


PR that evokes reaction

AniseedPR is a boutique agency offering public relations services with an approach that is insightful and personable. These core values of the brand were established during our research and brand positioning sessions.

As we explored the industry and the target audience, we gained a new perspective on PR – one that revolves around capturing and telling stories. This was the strategy we followed when we designed the brand identity with illustrations at its heart.

The infographics animation brought the illustrations to life and injected more personality into the brand.
Printed letterhead design with aniseed illustrations and bold typography for AniseedPR. Printed AniseedPR business card designs with unique illustrations relating to aniseed.
  • Illustration for AniseedPR of a telescope to visualise looking at the bigger picture.
  • Illustration of a microscope to represent AniseedPR's attention to detail.
  • Jill Hawkins, the founder of AniseedPR as an illustration.
  • Globe overgrown with aniseed illustrates how a viral AniseedPR brand story could spread.
  • Vase illustration with aniseed.
We collaborated with an illustration studio to create these illustration-based brand expressions.
Comp slips with aniseed illustrations and blocky typography desgined for AniseedPR.
The typographic style puts emphasis on the written communication and ties the identity together.