• The letter G connecting to W, with lines overarching the GivingWays logotype.
  • The lines in the GivingWays logo represent a combination of ways for giving to charities.


charity platform branding

The GivingWays platform combines opportunities to engage and support charities. It was vital to reflect this in the brand’s name and visual identity. The three lines in the logo mark represent exactly that: ways of giving coming together for a common purpose.

Through the unusual design aesthetic and the prominent blue colour, the brand was made to stand out from the crowd. The brand's transformative, playful and honest values are captured in a form free of embellishments to ensure the designs will not date easily.

GivingWays — All the ways of giving.

Combining all the ways of giving to charities.
The flexible GivingWays logo mark is shown as an infinite pattern.
The flexible identity represents the wide range of ways to give.
White t-shirt with blue all-over pattern on the front and GivingWays logo type on the sleeve.
White tote bag with a type design 'All the ways of Giving' derived from the GivingWays logo mark.
People under 30 are less likely to donate — GivingWays wants to change that.
GivingWays stationery items such as letterhead, business cards, comp slips, badges and a medallion for rewarding donors.
The blue colour is a point of difference from competitors.
  • Web design for GivingWays with placeholder images for charity profile pages.
  • Auction page design for fundraising on the GivingWays website.
  • A set of simple icons matching the GivingWays logo designed for the website.
A major part of the project was to design the entire online platform.
We proposed a tagline to go alongside the brand name and design.
Advertising billboard for GivingWays with white type design of the word 'giving' on blue background.
GivingWays logo used as a framing device for photography, here on a 64 sheet billboard.
Our designs have provided foundations for a venture with potential.
'I love giving' type design on outdoor advertising for GivingWays.
Copy based billboard design for GivingWays: Changing the way charities engage with young people.