• Printed and digital billboards for icograda's 50th birthday and World Communication Design Design.
  • Bold geometric designs of the ico-D / icograda artwork displayed on a major London road by JCDecaux.


Cromwell Road takeover in collabortion with JCDecaux

JCDecaux partnered up with ico-D (formerly known as icograda) to organise a global design competition in celebration of Communication Design Day and Icograda’s 50th anniversary. The winning designs were exhibited on multiple LED and one traditional printed billboard. The exhibition was a takeover of all advertising space on Cromwell Road, London – one of Europe’s busiest roads.

We were one of the few selected to display our designs digitally, and the only entry to be displayed in the printed form.

The geometric type design was inspired by the '50' mark in the Icograda's commemorative lockup.
We kept our designs close to Icograda's 50 mark and expanded it into a full type mark.
Full, three quarter, half, and quarter circles with overlapping colours create a sense of communication for ico-D / icograda.
In keeping with the communication design theme, we used the circles to represent diversity and discussion.
The ico-D / icograda artwork was displayed on multiple advertising spaces of JCDecaux along Cromwell Road.
The ico-D / icograda designs on JCDecaux LED panels were vibrant and exciting, even at night.
The high-end LED screens enabled us to present our work with vibrant colours.
The circles came to life on massive printed version on a JCDecaux backlit billboard.
Our designs were seen by roughly 200,000 people per day.