• ICON Printing type mark features a diagonal rectangle replacing the letter O in the name.
  • The diagonal rectangle of the ICON Printing logo acts as a frame for a blank canvas.
  • The ICON Printing logo mark was inspired by screen printing tools.

ICON Printing

design-led supplier of custom clothing

When the director of ICON Printing, Alex Econs, approached us in 2013, his brand was a blank canvas with a standard start-up feel. We started with an in-depth investigation into the business. The existing branding was taken apart, and the competitors and target audiences were carefully analysed.

We immersed ourselves in the brand. The branding process included production site visits and discussions with ICON's team, suppliers and clients to discover the business' unique qualities and potential to fill a gap in the market.

After the research was done, our job was to bring these brand values to the forefront of the visual identity and empower ICON Printing to embrace and champion them.

ICON Printing is the supplier of printed and embroidered clothing to creatives.
The O in the logo represents both the screen printing squeegee and a picture frame.
  • Selecting the perfect garment style and material from a rail full of printed samples at the ICON Printing headquarters.
  • Craftsman of the ICON Printing team inspecting a screen printing mesh with the diagonal mark on it.
  • Ink spread across the screen printing mesh at the ICON Printing print house.
  • Close-up photography of embroidery machine heads at the ICON Printing studio.
  • The finished screen printed ICON Printing t-shirt before final heat treatment.
  • ICON Printing expert pre-treating a t-shirt for direct-to-garment printing.
  • Direct-to-garment printing in progress at ICON Printing.
  • The printer head of the DTG machine operates along the same principles of a regular inkjet printer.
  • Close-up of the embroidering process.
  • Before the screen printing mesh is created, the artwork is printed in black on a transparent sheet.
  • The printers keep an archive of recent screens.
  • To dry the ink faster, the garments are treated with heat.
  • Macro shot of excess ink collecting on a screen.
A series of high-quality images capture the craftsmanship that goes into printed and embroidered garments.
The frame of the logo is a blank canvas for anyone's creativity.
  • Case study page of It's Nice That - Company of Parrots on the ICON Printing website.
  • Catalogue and product page on iconprinting.com
  • 404 Error page design for ICON Printing - hopefully no one will see this.
  • ICON Printing homepage with hero images bring out quality and attention to detail.
  • The shopping and live quote tools on the ICON Printing website were refined and simplified as part of a user experience overhaul.
  • Our process page – the ICON Printing website features bold imagery and typography throughout.
  • Screen printing explained in-depth including designing for it, its different types, the process and pricing on the ICON Printing website.
  • Each page of the ICON Printing website was designed with a minimalist approach using icons, horizontal divider lines, clear grid system and hierarchy.
We designed all aspects of the ICON Printing website front-end.
As part of our strategy to bring a unified look to the ICON catalogue, we photographed all garments on models.
The brand positioning and design was made to appeal to creatives, artists and designers.
ICON Printing logo on the front of a company sweatshirt.
The ICON Printing logo artwork used on the back of a crew t-shirt.
We proposed the tagline: Making your mark memorable.
Pull-up banner in the office of ICON Printing, iMac screen showing online ads and a instagram competition.
The identity resulted in a cohesive and memorable graphic design system.
  • The back of compliment slips with ICON Printing's signature geometric graphics.
  • The front of the comp slips incorporate some aspects of the ICON Printing logo as design elements.
  • ICON Printing Sticker with creative artwork to be used on packaging.
  • The ICON Printing business card front design incorporates simple, easily legible typography.
    Back of the ICON Printing business cards feature aspects of the logo.
  • The letterhead and the rest of the stationery follows the same simplicity-driven design principles as the ICON Printing website.
  • The back of the letterhead is a strong green colour with the ICON Printing logo artwork elegantly positioned in the lower third the page.
Canvas tote bag with bold, graphic artwork based on the ICON Printing mark.
ICON Printing logo on a canvas tote bag.
The rebrand boosted ICON Printing's value and strengthened its position in the marketplace.