• URTA logo mark made up of angular shapes resembling the letters U and A.
  • The URTA logo type is integrated with the mark.
  • The URTA mark also has interlocking shapes that symbolise the cultures coming together.

URTA – Cultural Fusion

British–Chinese footwear brand

The founder of URTA had a vision to bring a London-inspired footwear brand to China. With the name that resonated with the Chinese audience being a requirement, our task was to position the brand and create a visual identity sprung from a Western design ethos.

During a rigorous research phase we looked at Western fashion brands successful in Asia, brands born in China, Japan, and Korea, and small artisan brands of Shoreditch, London.

The fusion between cultures represented by an area like Shoreditch was a major influence for the design.

The lookbook was shot in Shoreditch, London.
  • Close-up photo of womens trainer in yellow shot for the URTA lookbook in Shoreditch, London.
    Womens trainer shot for URTA lookbook in Shoreditch.
  • Mens white trainer shot for URTA lookbook.
    Close-up photo of  mens trainer in white shot for the URTA lookbook in Shoreditch, London.
  • Light blue trainer close-up shot for the URTA lookbook.
  • Trainers shot in East London for URTA lookbook.
    Mens camouflage slip on shoes shot for URTA lookbook.
  • Close-up of womens sneaker shot for URTA lookbook.
    Womens sneaker shot for URTA lookbook.
We shot the lookbook with a natural, fashion blog style approach.
  • Comp slips and business cards for URTA feature geometric artwork made up from the logo mark and a clean typographic style.
  • URTA flyer designs with geometric artworks and integrated photographs.
  • Multiple flyer designs appear with brand expressions all derived from the logo but in different creative ways.
The logo mark was made a living part of the identity system.
URTA poster with geometric artwork and bold typography designed for outdoor advertising.
English and Chinese versions of printed materials were produced.
lookbook photo with Shoreditch graffiti backdrop used in conjunction with a white URTA logo and 'Cultural Fusion' tagline.
lookbook photo displayed in geometric shape on poster design for URTA.
Overview of the detailed brand guidelines created for URTA.
The brand guidelines manual sets out the rules of the brand and was created for use by URTA's designers in China.