• YR and BAPE collaboration lockup on the YR Store pattern background.
  • Alternative logo lockup for YR Store x A Bathing Ape presnted on BAPE's signature camouflage pattern.

YR x A Bathing Ape

a cult brand collaboration

YR Store teamed up with * A Bathing Ape ® to deliver live printed personalised t-shirts at Selfridges in London. Our job was to present this special partnership to the public in a way that balanced the brands' strong pattern-driven identities to give them both the same exposure.

The result of this collaboration has elevated YR Store’s profile as a fashion-conscious brand and boosted its credibility as a live printing expert.

We produced all of the brand animations for the showcase video.
Front view of the BAPE and YR Store installation at Selfridges in London.
The installation was designed by YR Store’s in-house design team.
We brought the YR shards to life.
Side view of the YR x BAPE installation at Selfridges, wrapped in co-branded vinyls.
We designed YR's pattern to fit the logo lock-up.
Visitors approaching the YR x BAPE booth.
Customers creating their personalised BAPE t-shirts with YR Store's design software at Selfridges.
  • T-shirt printed with BAPE logo with signature camouflage pattern fill.
  • Baby Milo artwork with blue camouflage pattern on a kid's tee.
    Classic A Bathing Ape logo filled with pink camouflage artwork.
  • Comic book style repeating animal pattern by A Bathing Ape.
    Multi-coloured camouflage pattern used as a fill for a circular BAPE logo on a t-shirt.
We created templates for the collaboration's social media campaign.
Customers browsing t-shirts at Selfridges created as part of the YR Store x A Bathing Ape collaboration.
Close-up of the co-branding design software created by YR Store.
Close-up of a personalised BAPE t-shirt printed direct-to-garment.
The unique collaboration pleased BAPE's and YR's fans alike.
  • Close-up of the co-branding vinyl designs with one side focused on YR Store and another on BAPE brand expressions.
  • YR Store staff preparing the printing and design technology at Selfridges.