• The YR logo mark above the YR Store and YR Live sub-brand logos with a holographic card backdrop.


the world's first live design and print brand

The predecessor to YR, Lumacoustics, was launched in 2008 by Tim Williams and Tom Hogan — the innovators behind the first digital graffiti wall. In the midst of an expansion and in search of a new design partner, they first came to us in 2012.

Due to the success of YR Store and its appeal to many high profile brands, the founders decided to take a bold approach and bring their retail and events branches under one umbrella. The parent brand YR was born, along with YR Live. With a renewed focus on live design customisation and printing, the company also had a rigorously executed, coherent new visual identity.

Tim Williams, YR co-founder testing the YR Designer software at their studio in Shoreditch, London.
Aligning the brand identity with the vision meant the YR team could now focus on what they do best.
  • Heat press is in operation at the YR studio.
  • A finished direct-to-garment printed sample reviewed by the YR team.
  • Screen printed holographic foil sticker designed for YR to emphasise print quality on t-shirts and other garments.
  • Close up of holographic sticker on a YR t-shirt.
A special holographic sticker was created as a seal of approval for garments printed by YR.
Screen printed business cards on holographic card with spot UV finish designed for YR.
We put a great deal of care and attention into producing super high-end screen printed business cards.
Wide angle photo of the YR office in Shoreditch, showing on-brand vinyl decoration.
We also designed vinyls for the YR office to inspire the team.
  • Transparent sticky tape with white YR shard designs typography.
  • Close-up photograph of YR sticky tape.
YR also serves as a bridge between YR Live and YR Store.