YR Store and Star Wars collaboration logo, as seen in Selfridges & Co Oxford Street, London.

YR Star Wars

galactic personalised fashion

We worked closely with YR Store to bring this collaboration to life through co-branding and artwork curation to appeal to new and old fans of Star Wars. Our designs had to be on brand for YR Store and also adhere to Disney's and Lucasfilm's rigorous brand guidelines.

Being huge fans ourselves, we loved every bit of this project, especially our own custom designed YR x Star Wars jumpers and t-shirts.

The collaboration ran for a limited time from October 2015 to January 2016 at Selfridges in Oxford Street, London.

Watch the story behind YR and their Star Wars collaboration.
YR x Star Wars spaceship installation at Selfridges.
The installation was an amalgamation of YR's identity and the iconic ships of Star Wars.
Side view of YR Store x Star Wars installation.
Rear view of YR Store x Star Wars installation.
Close-up of YR Store touch screen with personalised Imperial Stormtrooper graphics.
Customisable placement and all-over designs.
  • Kylo Ren all-over print artwork in the YR Store design software called YR Designer.
  • Rey Skywalker artwork in the all-over print creator software by YR Store at Selfridges.
  • Customisable BB-8 placement artwork by YR Store.
  • First Order Stormtrooper all-over t-shirt pattern on the YR Designer in Selfridges.
  • Poe Dameron artwork personalised on a t-shirt template on the YR Designer touch screen.
Close-up of the YR Designer software's artwork selector showing comic book art Chewbacca.
Together with YR, we curated the artwork to inspire customers.
Heat press decorated with co-branded YR Store x Star Wars vinyls is busy printing a new garment.
Star Wars-influenced designs down to the last detail.
Close-up of a YR Store x Star Wars jumper with roaring Chewbacca in comic book style.
The live printing and design experience was a huge success.
Dye-sublimation printed all-over R2-D2 artwork hanging on a Star Wars collector's wall.
Close-up of the R2-D2 comic book art print design on a YR Store x Star Wars sweatshirt.